Our monocular and binocular laser rangefinders are handheld instruments that are user-friendly, portable devices for immediate long-distance estimation.


The main SMT equipment model:NPM-W2,We Mainly used when playing golf, hunting, mountaineering, and open-ocean navigation, etc.
• Range: From 1600 yards to 2800 yards.
• Function: Single Est. / Continuous Est. / Inclination Est.
• High-precision and fast estimation of small targets such as golf flagpoles and deer hide.
• High transmission LCD and reflective OLED display for high quality imaging resolution.
• Automatic power-off, low battery icon, automatic adjustment of screen brightness
• Waterproof design (IPX4/IPX7)
• Multilayer coated high-quality telescopes with dizziness-prevention and stray-astigmatism designs.
• With Bluetooth function for easy data transfer.
• Comply with the International Laser Safety Specification Certification.


Provide a total solution for fulfilling the customer's various needs.


Monocular Laser Range Finder
顯示器(Display Type) LCD
測量範圍(Range Reflective Target) 6-800yds
測距精度(Measuring Accuracy )(± yd) ± 1@ < 100yds
± 2@ >= 100yds
放大倍率(Magnification) 6X
物鏡直徑(Entrance Pupil Diameter) 20mm
視場角(Field of View)
出瞳距離(Eye relief) 16.75mm
出瞳直徑(Exit Pupil Diameter) 3.3mm
電源(Battery Type) CR2
鐳射類別(Laser Radiation) IEC Class 1M      FDA Class 1
氣密防水(waterproof) IPX4
尺寸(Dimensions) 91x73x37mm