Modern communication technologies include electrical communication and optical communication. At present, we mainly produces optical communication single-mode optical fiber and multimode optical fiber products including Mux module, Demux module, CWDM Device, etc.


Our single-mode and multi-mode fiber has the advantages of long transmission distance, no electromagnetic field and electromagnetic radiation, light weight, small size, wide temperature range, strong chemical resistance and long service life. This can be better applied to our customers' long distance communication systems. Urban relay communication system, ISDN integrated service digital communication network, local area communication network system such as power, traffic, LAN, user communication network system, TV/CATV system, etc.


The customer provides the specifications required for the product. BTC provides one-stop production from design, production, finished products, to packaging and shipping. ODM/OEM production mode, we save customers the most time cost and provide maximum economic benefits.


Description Channel Number Center Wavelength (nm) Operating Passband (nm) Insertion Loss (dB) Return Loss (dB) Isolation (dB) Operating Temperature (℃)
4679 Prism with CWDM filer 4 1271;1291;1311;1331 1255~1355nm CW+/-6nm<0.7 NA ≥30 -20~85
1849 Prism with LAN WDM 4 1295.56;1300.05;1304.58;1309.14 OSA Setting of MEASURING CW+/-1.03nm NA ≥31 -20~86