CIS (Contact Image Sensor Module)

CIS is mainly applied to Inkjet multi-functional printer (MFP), Laser MFP, Scanners, Plain paper Copier, Digital photo frames, etc.


Compact lens, projector lens, DSC lens


We provide high-quality DSC that are characterized by high precision, high magnification, high zooming, 4K ultra-HD action shooting.

Laser Products

monocular and binocular laser rangefinders and important module in laser rangefinder products.


Possess Global ODM/OEM integration capability to fulfill all types of requirements.

Smart Home Products

A variety of smart home types, including but not limited to security camera, smart displays, video doorbells, vacuum cleaner and projectors, which can better help improve the lives of residents.

Provide Muti Lens and Component
Clean and Modern design is our best specialist
Digital Still Camera

PIXPRO 4KVR360 can bring you a whole new world. This light, portable camera can easily capture 360-degree photos and videos through auto-stitching, so users can share interactive photos and films immediately with others. You can use PIXPRO 4KVR360 to record anything you like. We also provide a free PIXPRO app (for iOS™ and ANDROID™) that allows users to quickly upload 360-degree photos and videos to YouTube™ and FACEBOOK™ to interact with friends.

Compact Lens

Compact lens can be applied in many products, such as mobile phones, monitors, automobiles, computers, mobile devices, wearable devices, video-game consoles, iris identification systems, combined with waterproof, antifog, and IR functions. Our G+P (Glass and Plastic) lens can efficiently reduce the height of lens. Glass lens have superior thermal resistance to compensate the function decay of material properties caused by temperature fluctuations. From Optical design, mechanism design, lens production to assembly, always challenge for better production, pursue optimal engineering solutions.